SPECIAL NOTE (March 2016): After nearly 12 years performing in front of the camera I took a break. I did not retire, but took 2 years off from performing to focus on my business. I have once again started to shoot scenes with me in them. I have to clearly state that I am not going to update this site every week. The updates will come when I find really hot guys to play with. I am not guaranteeing updates or a timeline for them. If you have any questions please contact me through the "Support" link below.

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I like to keep my movies interesting.  Sometimes I only watch from behind the camera.  Some guys let me "play" with them a bit, touching, and sometimes sucking. Sometimes I get lucky and have hardcore sex with a hot stud. But my favorite movies are the ones in which when I get to give a hard, muscular man an erotic massage, rubbing his meat until he shoots his load onto his belly.

Inside you will find over 600 hot movies. My site launched March 15, 2002 so I've been having fun for over a decade. You'll occasionally get notifications by email to let you know about special things going on at the site, but we'll never share your email address, distribute your e-mail or other personal information in any way.  If I create more sites in the future I might let you know about them, too. Of course you can always request to be removed from my mailing list by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

I find my friends in all sorts of places: from ads placed in local magazines; by referral; in the gym; sometimes just walking down the street. If you are interested in being filmed, please click on the "Casting" link below.

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